WANT TO GET INVOLVED  ??    We would love for you to join us !!

The PATC North Chapter conducts regularly planned work trips to maintain many miles of the AT and Tuscarora Trails and side trails in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  

We normally conduct work trips on the AT and Tuscarora Trail  in Maryland on the first Saturday of the month.  We conduct work trips in Pennsylvania  on the AT the first Saturday and TT on the third Saturday of the Month.  

There are often needs for trail overseers and shelter overseers in both Maryland and Pennsylvania on both trails.  See the PATC monthly newsletter under "help wanted."

Please email us at patcnorth@outlook.com for any of the following:

- General questions about the PATC North Chapter

- Trail reports regarding issues encountered on North Chapter trails (AT or TT      or side trails) Your report will be forwarded accordingly

- Other comments or questions regarding the chapter or chapter trails

- Suggestions or comments regarding this web site

Whatever your skills, there will be something good for you to do.   Join Us!  See you soon on the trail!!