PATC North Chapter Trails, Cabins, and Shelters

PATC North Trails

The PATC North Chapter maintains the AT from Harpers Ferry, WV, through Maryland, to Pine Gap Furnace in PA.  We also maintain the Tuscarora Trail north of Hancock, WV.  In addition we maintain many side trails to both the AT and TT for a total of over 240 miles of trail.

Maps for these trails can be purchased from the PATC at their online store.  Our AT trails and side trails are covered by maps 2 through 6.  Our TT trails and side trails are covered by maps J, K, L.

PATC North Cabins

Our chapter members maintain the six cabins on our sections of trails.  For the AT, these include the Hermitage, Milesburn, Gypsy Spring and Anna Michener cabins.  And for the TT Little Cove cabin (pictured) and Silberman Trail Center.  More information of PATC cabins - including policies, availability, reservations, and fees -- can be found at the PATC cabins page.

PATC North Trail Shelters

We maintain eleven hiking  shelters (and the privys!) on our section trails.  On the AT these include Deer Lick, Tumbling Run, Rocky Mountain, Quarry Run, Birch Run (pictured), and Toms Run.  On the TT the shelters are Wagon Wheel, Fowler Hollow, Burd Run, Big Mountain, and Reese Hollow.